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Oil Derek Mission Statement


Oil Derek is not your average AMSOIL Dealer.

Oil Derek is committed to saving you money.

    By offering AMSOIL Dealer and AMSOIL Preferred Customer status, you can save money by buying AMSOIL synthetic lubricants at wholesale prices.

Oil Derek is committed to helping you make money.

    By becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, you can make money selling AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and start down the path to financial independence.

Oil Derek is committed to reducing the USA's dependence on foreign oil.

    By using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, I have stopped using foreign oil altogether.  AMSOIL is formulated in Superior, Wisconsin from synthetic base stock and additives.

Instead of 20 quarts of petroleum a year in my van, I now use 6 quarts of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil.

    By changing the gear lube in my car from the factory fill petroleum to AMSOIL synthetic gear lube, I increased my fuel economy 1.5mpg.  This represents 6.4% jump in fuel economy.

Oil Derek is committed to protecting the environment.

    Through the use of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and taking advantage of AMSOIL extended drain intervals, I use 24 less quarts (6 gallons) of motor oil per year in my two vehicles.  Changing the gear lube in my car increased my fuel economy by 6.4% resulting in less gasoline consumed and fewer emissions.  AMSOIL products help save the environment.

Ready to do your part?

Become an AMSOIL Dealer or AMSOIL Preferred Customer and start today.

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