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Reduce U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil


Industry tests have shown improved fuel economy of 2 - 5% in vehicles using synthetic lubricants.

    Many AMSOIL customer testimonials tell of even greater savings.  If all cars in America used AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, gear lubes and drive train fluids, we would save enough fuel to drive to the sun and back 165 to 420 times over.


    By changing the gear lube in my car from the factory fill petroleum to AMSOIL synthetic gear lube, I increased my fuel economy 1.5mpg from 23.5 to 25.0 mpg.  This represents 6.4% jump in fuel economy.

There is another way to reduce foreign oil usage.

AMSOIL is a domestically sourced full synthetic motor oil.

    AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are designed for extended drain intervals and reduce the amount of oil used by as much as 80%.  Fewer oil changes means less oil used, a tremendous boost to the environment.


    By using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, I have stopped using foreign oil altogether.  AMSOIL is formulated in Superior, Wisconsin from synthetic base stock and additives.

Instead of 40 quarts of petroleum a year in my two vehicles, I now use 10 quarts of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil.


Know the Facts - AMSOIL Saves You Money!


Keep America on the road with AMSOIL ... the original synthetic motor oil!

Made in the USA

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